Welcome to the Everyday Life Affiliate Program

Everyday Life is an online insurance concierge service revolutionizing the process of obtaining life insurance for everyday people. A user can expect the utmost kindness, simplicity, and more cost-effective ways of obtaining personalized advice and customized *smart life insurance coverage. Everyday Life uses a comprehensive algorithm to deliver tailored recommendations in a way that makes sense to users.

Everyday Life brings an objective, expert perspective into helping people find a dynamic life insurance policy that fits the users needs and the ones they love. Competitors to Ethos and Policy Genius, Everyday Life will make users feel comforted by combining innovative, adaptive technology with personal service.

When you partner with Everyday Life, you’re sharing a company that helps people take care of themselves and the ones they love.. Without breaking the bank.

How it works:

A user will land on Everyday Life’s quick assessment that takes 2-3 minutes. This is the first of 3 easy steps. The assessment doesn’t ask for personal info and only gathers what it needs to go through the algorithm and give the tailored recommendation.

Step 2 is reviewing that recommendation, users can update responses or simply approve the suggestion and move to the 3rd and final step.

Users will finish their application with the underwriting partner which takes 10-15 minutes and most know instantly if they’re approved.

Who should sign up?

  • Websites, influencers, app owners and anyone with an online audience interested in life insurance, comparing insurances, or just in general securing financial peace of mind for their family in an economical way.
  • Businesses and apps offering complementary products/services.

Why sign up?

  • Develop a partnership with a company looking to revolutionize the process of getting life insurance for everyday people.
  • Dedicated program manager to help you get started and grow your earnings.
  • Open to various commission setups including events throughout the user funnel.
  • You’re sharing a free resource to help your audience!

How to sign up?

Apply through Tune using the button below!

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  • Easy onboarding through Tune
  • Competitive commissions
  • Performance bonuses
  • Various creative assets, banners and ads available directly within Tune

Complimentary Affiliate Program Evaluation

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