Welcome to the Hiatus Affiliate Program

Have you ever experienced charges on your accounts that pop up month after month? Of course you have, and so has your audience. In an era where subscriptions and recurring payments are a normal part of life you want to make sure you have visibility on what you’re paying for. If only you could lower those rates, or even make them disappear..

Hiatus App locates, monitors, and negotiates subscriptions, utilities and bills for users all in one place. They can choose Hiatus or Hiatus Premium depending on if they want hands-on assistance with their charges.

Hiatus competes with top financial management apps like Trim, Truebill, Albert and Dave. Consider it an easy solution to help save money and time for your audience.

How it works:

When a visitor of your website or follower of your social accounts clicks your Hiatus tracking link and links an account, you’ll earn a $6 commission. Need more? For every Premium account upgrade you get an additional $13 commission. There are no commission caps so your earning potential is limitless. The application process takes place entirely on Impact as well as your payout.

Who should sign up?

  • Websites, influencers, app owners and anyone with an online audience interested in fintech, money management, debt mitigation.
  • Businesses offering complementary products/services.

Why sign up?

  • Opportunity to partner with a company that cares about financial freedom for you.
  • Ongoing support from your experienced Vibrant Performance account manager.
  • Straightforward commission structure on a trusted platform.

How to sign up?

Sign up for Impact if you’re not already a user and then submit an application to the Hiatus program:

Join Now


  • Various creative assets, banners and ads available directly within Impact.
  • Dedicated program manager to help you get started and grow your earnings.
  • Open to various commission setups including events throughout the user funnel.

Complimentary Affiliate Program Evaluation

Schedule a time for a free grading report on an existing program or get a consultation on a new one.


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