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Did you know that there are hundreds of easy-to-miss tax write-offs available for 1099 workers? With nearly 1 in 3 of Americans reporting 1099 income each year, that’s a lot of unclaimed deductions!

Thanks to Keeper Tax, those deductions are now much easier to track. By automatically catching those easy-to-miss deductions, Keeper Tax saves their users $173/mo on average, or $2,000+ per year!

How it works:

Keeper Tax helps 1099 workers automatically keep track of easy-to-miss tax write-offs, such as gas fill-ups (business transportation), phone bills (business communication), rent (if you work from home), and even things like Spotify (for rideshare drivers) and toilet paper (if you work from home)!

Keeper Tax offers a free version, with the option to upgrade to a premium subscription option. Affiliates can earn lucrative payouts through offers with various conversion points throughout the funnel.

Please note that there are no refunds once the referral completes the 7-Day Free Trial. The program is managed by Vibrant Performance and hosted on Tune.

Who should sign up?

  • Websites or blogs that have a focus on finance, career resources, and taxes
  • Content creators who reach an audience with an interest in the gig economy
  • Newsletter owners with a focus on finance, freelance, or taxes
  • Businesses that offer products/services in which Keeper Tax could serve as a value-added service

Why sign up?

  • Lucrative Payouts through various different offers
  • Pixel Details: Postback pixel
  • 30-Day Attribution
  • Creatives: Available upon request
  • Guidance and support from your dedicated account manager

How to sign up?

To enroll, sign up at this link and we’ll get you started soon.

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  • Lucrative Payouts through various different offers
  • Pixel details: Postback pixel
  • Creatives: available upon request
  • Guidance and support: your dedicated program manager will help you along the way

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